Tecmark sells a variety of air-actuated switch products based on the LectricAir® technology. These products cover a wide range of applications. Click on a product to learn more about it.

Have a fun,safe Christmas with the Christmas Tree Light Switch. LectricAir® eliminates reaching around the tree or behind furniture to connect and disconnect Christmas lights from the wall outlet.

Tecmark's LectricAir® FootSwitch makes power tools and other electrical devices safer by using an air-actuated switch system for hands free operation.

The LectricAir® Disposer Switch is completely safe to operate even with wet hands while turning the disposer on or off. The non-electric actuator can be mounted right on the sink.

LectricAir® Appliance Switch is a totally versatile portable switching system enabling its use on variety of indoor appliances in which the appliance is not always easily accessible. Ideal for physically challenged individuals.

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