LectricAir® makes any 120 volt outlet instantly switchable. No electrical wiring or batteries are necessary! Tecmark's LectricAir® technology uses air to switch electricity on and off... safely isolating the user from the electrical current. Safe, versatile and easy to use, LectricAir® works with many different appliances, such as TV's, lights, computers, stereos, garbage disposers, drill presses, scroll saws and much more. Both for home and workshop, LectricAir® instantly converts any basic 120 volt grounded outlet to a switchable connection.

Simply attach the air tubing, plug LectricAir® into the outlet, plug your appliance into LectricAir® and LectricAir is ready to perform on/off control of your appliance.

The system comes with 10 feet of air tubing to join LectricAir® to the air transmitter. Optional air tubing kits are available to extend LectricAir® up to 100 feet. Electrical rating: 15 amps @ 120 VAC

Switch Action

We offer two types of switch to interact with SAFPAC


Push and Release ON - Push and Release OFF


Push and hold ON - Release OFF